I am a PhD student assistant professor senior researcher assistant professor, interested in machine learning and computer vision, particularly probabilistic graphical models. website


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  1. John Zheng says:

    Cool website.
    Machine Learning researcher at Columbia.

  2. chaycv says:

    Hi, my name is Isaías Carrera Ventura and I’m a student of computer science engineering at BUAP

    I’m currently doing my social service at INAOE (Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica Óptica y Electrónica, Puebla México ) in camera tracking and 3D map reconstruction using geometric algorithms and topological maps, I’m pretending to use your matlab/c++ toolbox, but I’m currently facing an issue, when i try to run your example_backgrounds it gives me an error which i can’t solve . I followed your instructions but i can’t run the example. The error is

    Undefined function or variable “feats”.

    Error in example_backgrounds (line 71)
    feats_train = feats(who_train);

    Please I will really appreciate your help.

  3. justindomke says:

    Hi Isaías,

    That’s a strange error to be getting. Can you stop execution where the error occurs (dbstop if error) and then see if the “feats” variable exists in the workspace? (whos) thanks!

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